Welcome to Knights of Christ! This new site includes teaching resources and tools regarding the 24 virtues of knighthood and the 7 deadly sins. The “true knights” of the Middle Ages were passionate about their faith, their relationship with Christ, and their dedication to living by the virtues of Scripture. The Order of Knighthood was esteemed by all, pursued by many, yet held by only few. The lifestyles, virtues, and commitments held by these knights—who were half warriors and half priests—were second to none in the medieval era, as well as today. The Order of Knighthood provided a code to live by—a set of guidelines and practices that instilled honor, strength, and valor. This same order also served to set their lives on a track that helped safeguard them against self-inflicted trouble and heartache, insuring they could enjoy God’s best for their lives. More to come shortly!